Blue Moon Cruise

Book your Spot on our Falmouth Ferry for an Unforgettable Celebration!​

Sail aboard with us from Falmouth's harbor under the enchanting glow of a blue moon. Indulge in delightful galley offerings, creating memories that will linger long after the night is over. Join us for a voyage where the celestial and maritime worlds unite, promising a truly extraordinary adventure. If you are looking for a private experience, boats are available to charter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are located at 278 Scranton Ave., Falmouth, MA. On the Falmouth Marine. Next to the flying bridge.

Parking is included with your tickets. Our staff will be guiding you where to park on our property, you’ll be just a few steps away from hopping on board.

The trip will be about 3 hours long. We’ll be going out of the harbor, and sail the coast of Falmouth while enjoying the sunset. After that, we’ll go to the fireworks’ location.

Yes, our ferries have a galley on board, so you can enjoy drinks and food while watching the spectacle.

No you can’t. Due to regulations, all drinks need to be served by one of our bartenders. We have a wide variety of drinks and snacks, so you don’t need to worry about being thirsty on board.

Get in contact with us by calling (508) 548-9400, or by emailing

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